Friday, June 1, 2012

Number 1 Way to Win More at the Dog Track With a Greyhound Handicapping System

Greyhound Dog Racing Tips.

No matter how good you get at handicapping greyhound races, there's always room for improvement. One way you can increase your take home from the track is by tweaking your greyhound handicapping system in little ways that pay off big.

For instance, if you've gotten used to picking winners by looking for the dog with the most positive factors, why not flip that method and look for the dogs with the most negative factors? When you do this, you give yourself more options by including more dogs in your betting strategy. If you only pick one dog and play it to win, you only have one bet and one chance of cashing a ticket.

If you play three or four dogs in a box bet quiniela or trifecta, you not only have more chances to win, but you have a better chance of winning a hefty amount of cash. At the dog track, win bets usually don't pay enough to make them a good bet. Even if you're very good at picking winners, you only have to miss a few or have a bad day to go from being ahead to being behind.

With quiniela bets, the payoff is bigger and because you have more dogs in your bet, you have a better chance of hitting more on a program. For my money, four dog quiniela boxes are the best betting system for most people who go to the track to make money.

Of course, there are people who go to the dog track for different reasons. They go for the excitement or for entertainment or just to be social. For those people, maybe win bets are best, because they're cheap and it's exciting to watch your dog win, even if it's the only win you have on the program.

However, if you're in it for the money, the excitement of one or two winning dogs isn't going to pay for your trip to the track, never mind supplement your income. If you want more chances of making money, tweak your handicapping system by switching to quiniela boxes. This will give you a better chance of cashing more tickets by covering more bets.

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