Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why Cant I Win at the Dog Track

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You know you're not stupid, but sometimes you feel really dumb for losing money at the track, even though you pick winners. You probably ask yourself how a person can pick dogs the way you do, bet on them and still go home with less money than you came with. It just doesn't seem fair.

Well, outside of the fact that no one ever promised that life would be fair, there's something else that may be at work against you here. YOU might be sabotaging your success without even realizing it. Now, before you say, "Eb, you're nuts" and click to another article, give me a chance to back that up.

Even the smartest handicapper can make mistakes. Picking dogs that come in is only part of making a profit at the dog track. Betting those dogs and NOT betting other dogs is the other part. So, be honest with yourself and take a look at everything you do at the track.

Sure, you pick winners, but how do you play them? To win? To play or, worse yet, to show? Or do you play them across the board? Well, if so, go no farther to figure out why you don't make a profit with the winners you pick.

Win, Place and Show bets just don't pay enough to make a profit unless you're good enough to hit every bet you make. I'm not and I don't know anyone else who is either. The only way to make money at the dog track is by betting exotic bets and combinations of dogs in boxes, keys or wheels. If you're not doing that, no way will you make enough money to make up for the losing bets you make.

So, are you sabotaging yourself? Are you making side bets? If so, you're only betting against yourself, you know. Are you making too many bets? Betting without thinking of whether the odds warrant a bet on that particular dog? Do you bet races where you aren't really sure about your picks?

All of these things can eat into your profit and turn a winning day into a losing day. Examine your betting habits and work on just betting what you really feel strongly about. Lose the side bets. Stick with a plan and see if you don't have more money in your pocket next time you leave the track.

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